Saturday, December 13, 2008


Yesterday we had a lot of visits from customers and friends, so we didn't get a whole lot done.  However, in the evening, Michael, Mr. Oh and I went to a sauna in the nearby town that is famous for its natural hot springs.  Many koreans go to a sauna at least once a week, and this was the second time we've been since we got here.  These are large public baths, with probably 100 people on a Sunday afternoon on each side.  Men and women have their own separate sides, so it was an especially big adventure for me going the first time - the only naked american in a room full of naked koreans with only korean signs.  But after you figure it out, it is a great thing (for obvious reasons, no pictures for this post!).  There are many showers, several hot tubs of varying temperatures, pools of cold water, and dry and steam sauna rooms.  It is a very festive scene with people of all ages dipping in and out of the different tubs, and doing a lot of scrubbing.  It feels really good, and is a great way to get really clean (especially since the water for taking a shower is rather unreliable at the studio).  ---Naomi

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