Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year from the future

Last night was new years eve here and we had a great time loading the kiln in the snow(really we did). We took a small break at midnight to enjoy some plum wine and peanuts. Although it was a very late night we realized it is easier helping someone else load their kiln than loading your own. Less pressure and decision making. Yesterday we received some images of the card that the gallery is making for the show.  It is about the size of a sheet of paper and folds in half. The image above is the front and back and the image below is the inside. We brought some pots from home to add to what we make here and Mr. Park took some interesting photos of them on an old table of Mr. Oh's. Well it will be new years eve at home soon and we hope you all have a great time!


Adam Field Pottery said...

안녕! Naomi & Michael, Thanks for sharing your Korea experience I've been following along here on your blog and am really enjoying the stories and photos of great pots & food.

Also, thanks for posting that photo of the wheel that Michael is using, it showed the solution I was searching for-for my very warped onggi wheel (plaster leveling).

Safe travels,


Michael and Naomi said...

Hey Adam,
Glad you are enjoying the blog! We're curious to hear about your experience making onggi also... Did you bring a wheel back from Korea?

Bruce George said...

Hey, Michael!
Hey, Naomi!

Please bring back cards and catalogues from your show. I would love to have one of each.


Adam Field Pottery said...

I plan to start posting some stories of my Korea experience on my blog soon, we've been busy house hunting, moving & settling into our new place in Colorado.

Yes, I brought a wheel back & our stodio is SO close to being ready, I can't wait to get potting on my new (yet warped) Onggi wheel.

doug fitch said...

Your pots are so beautiful, they really move me beyond words