Friday, December 5, 2008

Our first day

Mr Oh's Studio on a snowy morning
Well, we made it!  Our travels went smoothly, and there's nothing like some good Korean food to help you get over the jet lag (more pictures of food later).  Mr. Oh works in an old elementary school that has been converted into artist's studios.  In Korea, so many people are moving to the cities that the country side is emptying out, and old schools are no longer in use.  They are a cheap place to set up studios for artists.  This morning we woke up to beautiful snow covering everything.  Our bedroom which is one of the classrooms, is also Mr. Oh's showroom, so it's a wonderful place to wake up.  I have to say that it is hard to get out of bed though, because although the air in the room is very cold, our bed is heated.  

Mr.  Oh's studio is in another classroom in the school.  You can see some smaller onggi jars on the right that are ready to be fired.  They are not entirely traditional shapes, more "contemporary," as Mr. Oh would say.  We will soon be unloading the gas kiln that Mr. Oh was firing the day we arrived, so we should have some good pictures of some finished pots soon.


Shane Mickey said...

hey guys,
glad your travels were smooth, love that long low white piece with the plants in it! have fun you two!

Mothra said...

Hey dudes,
Have a kickin' time in Korea! I'll be reading.

Michael Kline said...

The school looks like a great location. Does Mr. Oh have a "doctorate" in Ceramics? Maybe he would like to be called 'Doctor'? Glad you made it over and I'm glad you decided to share the trip on the blog. It's too bad, though, that you can't be here for the studio TOUR.

Ron said...

Hey, Glad you made it. I am looking forward to all you have to share while there. One request, it would be awesome if the pics were 'clickable'. I think you have to load them into your post before you do the writing for them to do that. I'll be checking in often.

Michael and Naomi said...

wow, this is the first time for us doing this, and it's really fun to hear from everyone! Thanks! Ron, thanks for the tip - we did load the pics first, but is there something else we have to do to make them "clickable?" And yup, Mr. Oh is definitely a "doctor" - uisa in Korean.

Nancy said...

Hi guys,
Thanks for doing the Korean blog. Please say howdy to Mr. Oh from David and me. When's he coming stateside?