Saturday, December 6, 2008

Lunch Time

Yesterday morning we unloaded the gas kiln with Mr Oh (he's in the middle), and two friends.  Most of of the pots in the kiln were made by students at a local cultural center and their teacher, an onggi potter. 
After a cold morning outside, we were ready for a hot lunch.  Mr. Oh's studio mate, Kim Hui San, is also a great cook (lucky for us!).  He made a fish and radish soup, and we liked his technique of cutting the radish into the soup.  
This is a simple lunch called Kuk bap, which means soup and rice(apologies for misspelled transliterations) .   There are also of course several side dishes of kimchi and other pickles.  With Korean food, you never have your own plate.  Instead, you have your own bowl of rice and/or soup, and the rest of the food is eaten communally.  What a great way to be able to use lots of nice small pots!


Ron said...

Yea clickable pics!! Thanks!
I'm sooooo hungry now!

Jennie Lorette Keatts said...

Hi Michael and Naomi,

Tim told me about your blog! Mr Oh was a wonderful host for Nancy (Gottovi), Anne (Jorgensen), Pam (Owens)and me in 2005. If you can get him to take you to the Kimchi breakfast stew restaurant, it was to die for! And tell Mr. Oh hello from Jennie and Pam! Have a great time! Jennie (JLK Jewelry)