Friday, January 9, 2009


Well, we're back from Seoul for a few days at Mr. Oh's studio before heading home.  We have a huge back-log of things to write about and have been super busy, so we'll just have to write about it all more when we get time, and also when we get home.  We were hoping to do a little more traveling around during our last few days, but we've just had a really big snow, which might slow us down a little.  It's beautiful though!  Now for the exhibition... We were very happy with the way it turned out, and we got a lot of really  positive feedback from people who came (and interest from another gallery to do a solo show in the future!).  Unfortunately the light in the gallery was nice if you were there, but not the most conducive to taking pictures, so they are not the best quality.  Hopefully they will give you at least an idea of what some of the pots look like.
We got really excited about Mr. Oh's celadon glaze, and used it quite a lot.  On these two faceted vases, we really liked the way it turned out - clear when thinner, and a beautiful green where the glaze dripped and was a little thicker - similar to old punchong pots.

Here are a couple of Naomi's wacky bird boxes...
One of Michael's jars.

The two bowls on the right have the pink kaolin slip under the celadon glaze.

Mr. Oh brought mostly functional ware. Here is one of his complete tea sets.  Click here if you want to see the way that these pots are all used for tea in Korea.  Using the white liner glaze in combination with the onggi glaze on the outside is a new innovation of Mr. Oh's, and it looks really good with tea.
On the left is one of Mr. Oh's finished smallish jars.  In an older blog, we documented him making these.  On the right is a newer form made in the same technique.  This newer work is what he's been focusing on for the past six years or so, but recently he's begun to make more traditional forms again.
This is a pretty classic tea bowl with the pink kaolin slip (sorry for the photo quality).  Mr. Oh makes a lot of different things now, but he is still mostly well known for being an onggi potter.  Some people were surprised to see this kind of work of his, and they really liked it!
Again, this photo doesn't do this justice, but here is one of Mr. Oh's smaller sculptures of stacked tigers.  We really like it. 
Lots of Mr. Oh's dishes...
This was one of his favorite medium sized bowls.  It was a pink kaolin test that came out really well.
Mr. Oh's studio mate Kim Hui San also showed several sculptures and some hot water heaters (for making tea).  We really liked these two.
While we were in Seoul, we had a mind-blowing visit to the national museum, and lots of fun looking at pottery and antiques on Insadong street.  We also had an amazing visit with one of our favorite Korean potters, Lee Kyang Ho.  So there's a lot more good stuff coming....


Joe and Christy said...

Congrats on a beautiful show, and enjoy the rest of your travels!

Christy and Joe

Ron said...

Looks really amazing! I love the pink kaolin dishes. Hope to see you guys more this year.

Mothra said...

What a great looking show! I love the cubbies.

Ben Carter said...

Fantastic. Great to see all those images. Even after a long day those make me want to head back into the studio.